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Eniscope energy management solution for “to-the-second” real-time energy monitoring and tracking


Energy monitoring and tracking equipment should be “plug-and-play” and simple to install; it’s data should be easy to organize, itemize and understand; and the solutions should be specific and accurate so that each customer can identify operational and behavioral improvements to reduce their consumption and costs. 


Our user-friendly energy monitoring technology connects to specific, multiple circuits at sub panels so that you can itemize your energy consumption at one or multiple buildings  – such as industrial ovens, restaurant cooking grills, refrigeration, plant assembly lines, indoor and outdoor lighting, individual or groups of HVAC roof top units. We interact thru the API with other existing meters and devices and monitor data on any energy generated on site or from renewable sources. The data is stored locally or in the cloud for access across your facilities to help you identify operational and behavioral energy waste compared to your baselines. We can itemise for more specific billing purposes and measure carbon and other Sustainability outputs.

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• Create persistent, consistent and valuable energy consumption reductions and operational improvements with excellent ROIs

• Extend the life of equipment and reduce maintenance costs by alerting staff of equipment malfunctions

• Access on-site or Cloud data from any portable device, enabling quick response and visibility across any number of buildings

• Monitor gas, water, oil, steam or heat currents to provide a more robust understanding of specific operating costs

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• Understand and record accurate, itemized and easy-to-use operational data that directly impacts your carbon and environmental outputs

• Better educate your employees how their behavior impacts energy costs

• Reach your Sustainability program goals sooner

• Create visual displays on-site to show guests and stakeholders Sustainability progress