How we help

Our North and South American manufacturing clients seek our direct assistance to evaluate, recommend and deliver proven energy effiency and clean water solutions to solve their most expensive and pressing operating and environmental priorities.  


Our employees have backgrounds in energy markets, energy effiency technologies, water treatments and filtration engineering, finance, logistics, plant operations and maintenance support.

In order to help you improve your financial, operational and/or environmental performance, Eco BCG needs to understand your company priorities, goals and criteria.

Eco BCG® offers to public and private institutions:


Proprietary or exclusive world-class patented technologies


Direct financing options


Project design, development, technology installation, operational support and maintenance


EPC services

We have bundled together under the Eco BCG brand a best-in-kind portfolio of environmental-based technologies from an international team of partners. Eco BCG only selects solutions that provide measurable environmental benefits to a client’s Sustainability program and satisfactory financial returns to their bottom line. Eco BCG includes local market support, engineering support, and project support to fulfills the client’s installation and operational improvements.


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