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Our portfolio of solutions
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Eco BCG® is proud to offer the following portfolio of solutions:

Energy Efficiency

We enable the reduction of electric energy consumption and costs by offering monitoring, analysis, and replacement solutions.

Indoor and outdoor LED lighting

HVAC systems

Energy monitoring

Water Treatment

We improve water quality and make it far more suitable for operational and consumption requirements in a wide range of sectors

Water treatment

Power Generation/Energy Recovery

We build and create clean energy generation and recovery solutions using high-efficiency generators, transformers, load banks, and/or hydro-power

CHP generation

Hydro-power recovery

Waste Management

We reduce landfill requirements by converting organic waste into energy

Organic waste management

Smart Agriculture

We offer aerial drone services combined with real time data mapping and analysis to improve land management

Drone services

Waste Water Treatment

Aeration and mixing system specially created for the biological treatment of water

Waste water treatment