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CHP Generation

Eco BCG® can offer long term reliable and cleaner electricity at a discounted price from combined electricity power providers (CHP).

Our CHP solutions are scalable and can use any combination of fossil, steam, gas or renewable fuels, such as methane, allowing our clients to reduce their energy dependence and long-term electrical costs. For more information about methane production from organic waste for co-generation click here.

Eco BCG® offers turnkey CHP solutions with 100% financing for project development and operation, without the need of any upfront investments or guarantees.

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• Higher amount of energy generated per unit of fuel consumed

• 6% to 8.5% less fuel requirements than ordinary CHP generators

• Long-term, discounted prices from Power Purchase Agreements

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• Higher efficiency and better energy utilization than any other generation system, translated into a smaller carbon footprint

• Sustainable, long-term reductions in greenhouse gas emissions

• Cleaner energy production.