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Coolerado Air Conditioners Featuring Indirect Evaporative Cooling Technology

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Eco BCG®‘s air conditioning solution uses a patented indirect cooling technology which is able to provide constant, fresh outside air while only using 10% of the energy compared to any other conventional HVAC systems.

Using water instead of energy-intensive chemical refrigerants enables Coolerado systems to run 100% fresh outside air through a set of specialized filters and a heat mass exchanger (HMX). Fresh, clean, cool air improves air quality while simultaneously extracting the existing heat load.

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• Reduces 80% to 90% of electricity use per hour of run time

• Minimizes maintenance requirements due to minimal moving parts

• The higher the outside temperature, the less energy per hour needed for cooling

• 100% available financing without the need for upfront capital costs

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• Constantly moving air can adjust humidity levels, remove unwanted odors and improve overall indoor air quality

• No need for chemical refrigerants reduces the facilities’ greenhouse gas footprint

• Brown water can be used for other purposes such as toilets and landscaping

• Applicable for LEED credits

Transformative Wave’s Catalyst Controller for Constant Volume Air Conditioners


Eco BCG® provides a smart retrofit solution designed to improve functionality and performance on existing constant volume HVAC rooftop units (RTU).

The low cost upgrade and retrofit installs advanced controls and sensors that match equipment operation to the varying needs of the space served. The Catalyst also monitors CO2 levels and adjusts fan speeds based on demand. Real-time performance tracking and building automation capabilities are offered to enhance your equipment operation, while early fault detection diagnostics enables operational visibility across hundreds of units simultaneously.

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• Delivers between 25% and 50% overall energy savings in kWh consumed per ton

• Automatic airflow adjustments reduce maintenance requirements by extending the life of the existing equipment

• Better manage the risks and costs of HVAC units in scale with real-time automation and efficiency upgrades

• Reduce operating and troubleshooting costs through remote monitoring and early failure detection

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• Controls the kWh requirements as needed thus reducing the CO2 emissions from power plants

• Reduce the stress on the energy grid during hot summer months