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Agribotix Drone-Enabled Software Analytics


Eco BCG® exclusively provides all of Latin America the Agribotix Enduro Quad turnkey drone system and data analytics services. Agribotix offers advanced imaging, data processing, and personal analysis to improve crop yields, precision agriculture practices, labor requirements and input management.

We provide a turn-key solution through highly reliable drone platforms coupled with cloud-based and tailored data analysis, resulting in timely actionable intelligence for smarter applications of agricultural inputs and monitoring of pests, weeds and crop health.

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• Real-time, actionable intelligence from your crop consultants and Agribotix staff

• Reduces production and management costs

• Reduces the fuel needs and emission of truck tractor operation for crop and land monitoring

• Gather aerial maps and imagery from an unlimited size of land

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• Reduce the fuel need and cost of truck/tractor operations for crop and land monitoring

• Reduce the unnecessary waste and application of fertilizers and other nitrates that run off into streams