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Rentricity In-Pipe Hydro Energy Solution

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Eco BCG® offers a reliable alternative for producing on-site renewable energy by converting excess pressure in water flow piping and hydraulic systems into electricity.

Depending upon the size of the pipeline, flow, and pressure available, the Rentricity solution provides a customized Flow-to-Wire™ system that converts reductions in water pressure into electricity and heat.

Applications offer as small as 5 kW to as large as 350 kW per system in municipal drinking water distribution systems, wastewater treatment systems, and industrial facilities. Additional services such as monitoring, water treatment, and back-up power devices are options to help you develop a resilient operation while offsetting your electricity costs. For a complementary online assesment please click here.

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• Maximizes operational efficiency and generates new revenue by capturing excess water pipe pressure that would otherwise be ‘lost’

• Clean electric power can be used for self-consumption or for sell into to the utility grid

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• Reduces the reliance on public utilities and their CO2 emissions

• Use of sustainable and renewable energy