Indoor and Outdoor LED Solutions

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ECO BCG®’s patented LED lighting allows our clients to replace outdated systems with highly efficient LED lamps. Our indoor solutions and outdoor system including pubilc streets lights dramatically reduce energy consumption per bulb, remove stray and intrusive lighting, and improve comfort, brightness, and public safety.

Although results may vary, our LEDs offer up to 80% energy savings over conventional lighting fixtures with lower maintenance expenses due to longer life LED technology. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of LEDs, including T-Type lamps, Reflectors, Industrial lamps, Parking lamps and dimming bulbs.

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• Reduce energy bills by between 55% and 80%, as our patented LED technology converts almost all consumed energy into light

• Lower maintenance expenses from our 10-year lamp warranty

• Pay for the capital investment through energy savings

• Improve tenant comfort and public safety from whiter, cleaner light

• Modernize the city infrastructure without the need of upfront capital investments

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• Reduced energy consumption reduces GHG pollution

• Manufactured materials are 100% recyclable and do not produce any harmful toxic residues over their lifecycle

• Higher LED chip concentrations allow a more efficient light uniformity