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DVO Anaerobic Digester Systems

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Eco BCG®’s anaerobic treatment system from DVO is an integral solution for organic, waste management. Waste is converted into clean power such as biogas for electricity and heat generation. Waste can also be converted into organic fertilizers, while mitigating odor and pests problems. 

The disgestion process offers a Two-Stage Mixed Plug Flow digester that reduces pathogens to levels below hygiene standards and achieves a 97% reduction of volatile fatty acids. Raw material for biogas production may come from agricultural, livestock, municipal, industrial and poultry waste.

Eco BCG’s provides the necessary technology and infraestructure for the use of methane as fuel for co-generation projects, allowing our clients to generate heat and power more efficiently and reduce their electricity costs. For more information about CHP generation please click here.

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• Converts organic waste material into added value goods and services

• Anaerobic digestion can be combined with municipal waste streams and natural gas (or other fuel) turbines for more scalable power generation

• Creates revenue and energy savings opportunities

• Offers economic revenues from the upload of electricity to the grid and from the sale of produced fertilizers

• Creates a quality fertilizer by-product to further reduce crop management costs

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• Diverts land fill requirements for organic waste

• Prevents crop, soil and air pollution form organic waste disposal and the use of chemical fertilizers

• Reduces electricity consumption generated from non-sustainable sources

• Diminishes overall carbon footprint by using renewable resources for energy purpouses