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Aeration and mixing system specially created for the biological treatment of water Aire-O2


Our solution Aire-O2 has advanced systems that induce and improve the biological aerobe of municipal and industrial waters, and elevate the water quality for aquaculture. This is achieved thru the mixing and high efficiency aeration, maximizing the stir and dispersal of oxygen all around the tank. This solution can be analyzed to adapt according to your project.

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simbol1 - economic


• Higher efficiency in water treatment

• Improved productivity

• A higher oxygen tranfer and mixing because of our special designed helix

• Lower maintanence costs: a simple mechanical design, few moving parts and 3 year warranty

• Lower energy consumption due to improved aeration and stirring

simbol2 - environment


• Lower rates of aquaculture disease

• Biological removal of nutrients

• Very low liquid spray and spread of pathogens into the air

• Odor reduction