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Silver Bullet Superior Water Treatment System

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Eco BCG® treats any water source used in cooling towers, water supply systems, animal drinking tubes, aquaculture lagoons, and crop irrigation. The patented technology provides a triple action – a powerful biocide, scale prevention, and corrosion control – without using any toxic chemicals.

The advanced oxidation process reduces several organic and chemical components and pollutants, including corrosion and scaling, high chlorine concentrates, bacteria, virus, pathogen microorganisms, and organic matter.

The Silver Bullet solution is 100% scalable to treat a few thousand to millions of gallons of water per day and can serve any application, from livestock farms to office buildings, hospitals, hotels, convention centers, industry, data centers, schools, or other industrial and manufacturing water applications.

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• Provides potential savings across electricity, water, labor and maintenance by reducing water consumption volume and increasing electrical efficiency

• Eliminates the use of hazardous, corrosive and expensive chemical additives every month

• Use existing plumbing infrastructure when replacing antiquated, more expensive water treatment processes

• Works in combination with reverse osmosis systems to reduce the amount of water rejection through the membrane

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• Reduces electric consumption and input costs

• Reduces the monthly costs and hazards of buying, storing and handling toxic chemicals

• Improves the survivability of farm animals by reducing bacteria and viruses

• Applicable for LEED credits in water consumption and sewage efficiency

VAF Filtration Systems


Eco BCG® offers a new advanced and cost effective self- cleaning screen filtration technology available today, that can remove suspended solid particles between 6500 and 10 micron and flow rates from  7 m3/h of water and other fluids.


We can work with semi- automatic or manual systems, and we can work with aditional equipment such as centrifugal separators, brush strainers, digital controls,  and other accesories that compliments between each other and adapt for your requirement.

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• Simple design: 70% fewer moving parts (no electric motors, gear boxes, limit switches or pistons)

• Using our filters, you can reduce costs and maintenance timing, resulting from 10s to 15s cleaning time.

• Low energy consuming filters

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• Flush waste is less than 1% of system flow

• Increases the water flow treated per unit time in comparison with other systems, consuming less water

• Consumes less energy