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Coca-Cola FEMSA is the largest franchise Coca-Cola bottler in the world, with nearly $10 billion in revenues. Coca-Cola FEMSA places a high priority in diminishing their environmental impact. The company continuously looks to optimize water consumption in the production processes to return to nature the same amount of water used in beverage production.



At their Valencia, Venezuela plant, conditions were not optimal on their recovery water filtered for the production process. Their sand filter technology to recycle and reuse that water stream was inefficient – constantly clogging with fines, flocs and lime, requiring unacceptable maintenance, and recycling only 50% of the discharged water.



Eco BCG collaborated with Coca-Cola FEMSA with the design and installation of a dual, automatic cleaning filter process for the discharged stream. The micron filter was far more effective in removing suspended solids than their previous technology; the second filter, further cleansed the water so that 95% of the backwash water is now recycled and reused in the production plant, returning usable water at a flow rate of 88 gpm.

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