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Comex is owned by PPG Industries and is the fourth largest paints manufacturer and distributor of paints and waterproofing products in North America.



The use of new technologies and market strategies in its production lines have required a growing demand for raw materials, specially water. Consequently, the generation of by-products has increased the demand for greater wastewater treatment efficiencies. Treated water has historically been used for green areas, and remaining sludge from the treatment had poor organic quality and nearly 70% water content.



Eco BCG helped design the installation of a physicochemical process and a sludge dehydration system. The project provided a treatment capacity of 30 m3/day. The solution included a distributed control system in two levels of automation. This allowed the final effluent to reach COD ranges of 450 mg/L. Furthermore, the sludge generation changed to a continuous process with improved humidity levels of 20% water content.

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