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Kimberly-Clark is a global manufacturer of some of the most popular consumer brands sold in more than 175 countries.



At a new plant in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Kimberly-Clark placed a high priority on further reducing the extraction and use of water from natural sources. One design was to use the water from their treatment plant for washing in their production processes. However, the treated water contained numerous total suspended solids (TSS) as microbiological organisms, stones, and sand, which would cause problems if reused in production.



Eco BCG proposed to insert an additional stage of filtration to the process. The objective was to filter particles of 120 microns and bigger and reuse at least 50% of the water. An automatically self-cleaning filter equipped with a 120-micron screen was installed which processes a volume of 50 m3/h (220 gpm). Not only did it help achieve their goal of reducing overall water consumption, but this filtration also reduced maintenance time and costs for the paper production machines.

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