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Mc Cormick is one of the largest international specialty food companies, manufacturing and distributing their products around the world.



In its plant in Zumpango, Mexico, there are multiple cooling towers along the production line, four of which operated with a reverse osmosis (RO) to keep the water in the towers clean and ensure proper operation. However, this system involved high maintenance costs and considerable down time issues.



Eco BCG replaced their RO system using a water condition system, which performed the same functions as the RO: attacking corrosion problems, scaling formation and bio material growth. The hardness levels, conductivity and total bacterial count in the water remained within the parameters required by the plant. Eco BCG also provides continued maintenance of the system.
As a result of the original and ongoing projects, water use in each cooling tower was reduced between 15% and 20%, energy consumption was reduced to only 0.4 kW/day, chemicals were no longer needed, and the pre-treatment operating costs have been reduced to 1/6 of its former level.

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